Drone Inspection Services for the Utility,
Energy and Industrial Industries

Sky Arc Drone Services provides aerial assessment, photography and videos. The owner operator has 40 years of experience in the electrical utility industry designing, constructing and managing both distribution and transmission grids. Sky Arc specializes in the electrical field providing services on both distribution and transmission lines such as:

Reliability Patrol and Inspections

  • Aerial inspections, surveys and data analyzing of difficult to access structures
  • Skills and knowledge of reliability inspection for outage prevention
  • Allow for safe, efficient and high quality visual assessments of transmission and distribution structures, towers and conductors

Storm Restoration Patrol and Inspections

  • Aerial damage assessment with skills and knowledge of specifications, voltage, material, conductor size, accessibility and equipment required for safe efficient restoration


Infrared Inspections

(Coming Soon)

  • Aerial inspection of transmission and distribution structures, connections and conductors
  • Data analyzing of hot spots to prevent potential outages
  • Identifying accessibility and equipment required for safe efficient repairs

Sky Arc can also provide aerial assessment, photography and video in any other fields such as real estate, surveying, right of way, pipelines, bridge inspection, law enforcement, environmental, etc.

Owner/Licensed Operator

Richard “Dickie” Tholborn

Contact Information

Mobile : (337) 258-0202

Email: skyarcdroneservices@yahoo.com